Wednesday, 18 May 2016 13:00:00 GMT

Dear Stockholders,

As of Monday, Tom Gleason is no longer employed by CyberFuels, Inc. I would like to reassure you that this change in personnel will in no way affect our sales and our current contracts. All of our contracts are in place. I have confirmed yesterday that our contract with Pilot Flying J is in place and that to this date we are in compliance with our terms for delivery. All orders that have been placed have been shipped with the exception of one which is in the bottling process and which we expect to fill quickly. We have produced the sufficient quantity of additive to fill this order as well as enough to fill the anticipated orders for the next few months from Pilot and other customers that we expect to come on line.

Additionally, we are moving ahead with our sales program in Florida, Oregon, Washington State, California and Canada. We are developing these areas of business and are hopeful that we will have sales in these areas this year.

We have been developing our wearables monitoring system on the healthcare side for several months, and have a dedicated team in place which is diligently working on the project. We have held high level discussion with companies who have expressed a keen interest in our system and they have stated that we are right on target with our assessment of the need for the product in their industry. While we cannot be positive that we will be successful in converting their interest into a contract, we believe our product, when completed in the very near future, will be judged to be a highly sought after remedy for a very large and growing problem within a specific population.

We will continue to try earnestly to meet the needs of our customers and we are hopeful that the stock will rebound to where it represents the true value of our existing business.


Ronald W. Mills, CEO