September 26th 2018

Dear Stockholders:

Cyberfuels recently announced that the company would be opening several branded stations in the US and Canada. I am pleased to announce that these stations are well underway and we expect to announce the grand opening of our first US branded station in Daytona Beach, Florida in early October. The company will make a formal announcement for the Grand Opening and is currently working to secure press coverage for that event.

Our first Canadian branded station is expected to open in Montreal this November. Several other non-branded stations in the US and Canada are expected to commence selling our EcoFlex96 and Dynamo Super Diesel in the coming months .

To assure supply and the ability to accommodate increased demand, we have been busy working on two new bulk storage and distribution facilities for our Ecoflex96 brand of gasoline. Gene Perez, our new director of blending and additive operations, is in charge of these facilities and we are hopeful that we will have our new Florida facility operational in October. This plant is designed to service all of Florida from its central location in the state. CyberFuels has also negotiated an initial agreement on a new blending and storage facility in Montreal. This Montreal facility will service all of the Province of Quebec and part of Ontario for our Ecoflex96 branded fuels.

CyberFuels Dynamo additive business continues to grow with orders from existing clients increasing significantly during the last two quarters.

We are in negotiations with other big-box retailers. Successful completion of these negotiations will have a positive effect on the business and the overall demand for the product line.

The company continues to work with several other countries for both CyberFuels EcoFlex96, CyberFuels enhanced gas, and Dynamo sales.

Finally, our new Marine Diesel has recently completed a test with a prominent Yachtsman and we expect the results of the test to be published very soon.

New stricter Marine Fuel Regulations, effective in 2020, are expected to squeeze oil supplies and have a dramatic effect on oil pricing. Some analysts are predicting oil prices to spike as high as $200 and above over the next two years:

Veteran analyst Philip K. Verleger believes the regulations could, "drive crude prices to $200 a barrel or higher. That's because a lack of low-sulfur diesel - critical to the world's agricultural, trucking, railroad and shipping industries – could lift the oil products markets to "astounding levels."".

We feel confident that our CyberFuels EcoFlex96 can play an important role in combating high gas prices. Our lower priced, higher octane, cleaner burning EcoFlex96 flex fuel offers a lower price at the pump, and a superior fuel in your tank. CyberFuels expects that Dynamo Additives will continue to increase in importance as the new regulations are implemented and will be strong performers in the market.


Ron Mills

President and CEO