May 15 2017

CyberCare Health Network:

As you are aware from our previous announcement, we have completed the sale of the CyberCare Chronic Care Management System and the Medical Wearable System which uses the CyberCare software program. We also announced that we are hoping to award a dividend to the stockholders as of the April 6 transaction date, on the sale of the assets. We have hired our accounting firm and consulted our legal counsel as to the exact process that we need to follow to award the dividend. We are following their guidance and hope to award the dividend within the next 45 days or as soon as we can complete the process.

The company currently developing our former Chronic Care program is HealthDatix, a division of iGambit. A complete explanation of the HealthDatix program and their current emphasis is on the iGambit and HeathDatix website I am sure you will find it an interesting and informative read. I believe this new entity has amazing opportunities and I trust that it will be a wonderful value for our stockholders.


As I mentioned in an earlier release, we have completely retooled all of our additive business with new products and new packaging. The diesel additive continues to be a good seller. We have been in a back order position with our gas additive, but we have now completed the Dynamo Octane Booster™ new packaging, and expect to be shipping product next month. The new bottles will be slightly larger and have an elongated neck to help ease pouring into the gas tank.

Additionally, the new Dynamo Ultra Clean™ has now completed testing. We expect to have Dynamo Ultra Clean™ in stores this June, and in time for the summer driving season. Our fuel sales have continued to be good in Canada.

We are 100% confident in our fuel and our dealers love the product! We have identified some logistic issues that could be problematic as we initially expand our distribution into an increasing number of stations. These issues have proven to be difficult to resolve, however not insurmountable by any means. I am not only confident that we can and will get these issues resolved, but feel we are very close to doing just that.

There continues to be growing interest from stations wanting our gas and at this point it is simply a matter of getting the aforementioned logistics resolved before we can satisfy that increasing demand. I'm happy to say that all of the moving parts, refining, transportation and blending resources are all there, but we have to get the operational details satisfied to advance the ramp up. We can't risk not having everything perfect when we expedite our gas rollout.

We have had several calls over the last couple of months wondering why the company has not announced where our gas is available. The Primary reason is an agreement with the distributor to do no advertising or promotion of the retail outlets without their approval. This was the same case with the rollout of the Dynamo Cetane Booster in 2015. In that instance, we were asked not to promote the product until the distributor gave us permission and had the product in all stores. Nonetheless, the distributor was inundated with calls which became problematic for the distributor. We believe we are close to beginning our ad campaign with the distributors approval which will be similar to that of the Dynamo rollout and which proved very successful. At that time just as in 2015, with the distributors approval we will list all of the retail outlets.

Finally, I believe that ECSL is significantly undervalued. To that end, the company is seeking to review strategic plans to maximize the real full value of our company.


Ronald W. Mills, CEO